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Parent Child Program - Moms and their little ones

Wilson Montessori Academy Parent Child Program

This personalized class, held Wednesdays from noon - 1:30pm is focused on giving parents the tools to understand and guide their child’s growth and development through the earliest stages of learning. Expectant mothers are welcome to attend alongside parents with children through 36 months of age.

Spend time with your child

Parents are coached in observation and Montessori technique while children are free to explore the world around them. The Parent Child program at Wilson Montessori Academy is both unique and customized to each family. Our tailored environment offers many materials and activities that nourish curiosity and growth. As children socialize and investigate, the parents are nearby, learning from a certified Montessori teacher and engaging with other parents.

Happiness and love

The children show interest, initiative, and make their own real choices for action. Our format offers the child attention when needed as well as freedom and independent action. Confidence grows through repetition and familiarity. As the child’s independence increases, parents learn to interpret the subtle language of action and anticipate the direction of their child’s interest. A well informed parent will make this time of learning and exploration full of love and understanding, with a healthy balance of natural exploration of separateness.

Each class is customized and adaptable with a new, specific focus each week. Teachers become a resource of information, they mold interactions, and facilitate discussions. Also, a scheduled meeting with other parents is a great way to share information and insight about parenting and to develop a support system with like-minded adults in the community.

Get involved with your child
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